We spoke to the Guardian about women and austerity


We told the Guardian that austerity policies disproportionately impact upon women, and could risk the UK slipping even further down the World Economic Forum Gender Gap Index:

“Without swift action to address women’s inequality in all areas, we could see the UK falling even lower, said Florence Burton, a spokeswoman for the group”.

“…Burton said the government had put forward economic policies that did not work for women”.

“Putting a five-year lock on raising taxes is a policy that benefits men over women, whilst further austerity measures – like cutting benefits – are detrimental to women and their children, placing them in high risk of poverty she said”

“Choosing to repay the deficit from cutting spending, rather than increasing taxation, serves to further entrench inequality and led to women paying off 79% of the deficit in the previous government”.

“We worry that freezing child benefit, tax credits, and lowering the household cap on benefits will further cement women’s poverty – especially as there was no commitment to instate a living wage.”

“Perhaps it is women’s woefully low representation in the top positions in our society that means they have become the load bearers of austerity, Burton said”.

Read the original article published 28/05/15 in the Guardian by Damien Gayle here.

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