Live blogging the live debates

We are pretty sure that they won’t focus on the widening gap between men and women, so we’re going to do it for them! We will be doing this from Twitter. Join us at @fairdeal2015 to follow our coverage, or read the tweets below. Tweets by @fairdeal2015 Share on FacebookShare on Twitter

STEM Women: The Gender Gap in Innovation

By Hana L. Al-Izzi, Intern for the Women’s Resource Center. @HLAlizzi Women have made huge breakthroughs in science and innovation, from Marie Curies pioneering research into radioactivity to Françoise Barré-Sinoussi discovery that HIV is the cause of AIDS. Despite this the gender gap we see in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) is both large and … Read more

The Alpha Female: Leading from Behind

The Alpha Female: Leading from Behind By Hana L. Al-Izzi There are many existing theories about what the alpha female is and how she behaves. Many claim that the alpha female merely mirrors the alpha male with his charismatic, aggressive and manipulative characteristics. I however reject these theories instead endorsing the idea that the alpha … Read more

How The British Prison System Fails Women

How The British Prison System Fails Women Guest blog by Gemma Hewson   The recent campaign to see transwoman Tara Hudson moved from an all-male prison to the female equivalent, and the tragic death of another transwoman, Vicky Thompson, in a similar situation [1] have brought gender issues within prisons to the forefront of the British … Read more

Women In Theatre: Redressing the Balance

Women In Theatre: Redressing the Balance Guest blog by Sphinx Theatre We here at Sphinx have been at the forefront of addressing the gender imbalance in theatre since 1975. In 1983 Sphinx Artistic Director Sue Parrish fronted a report by the Conference of Women Theatre Directors and Administrators on the status of women in theatre … Read more

UK Feminista Election Resources

Our wonderful sister org UK Feminista developed some helpful resources for the election. They can be used for the upcoming Mayoral Election’s too, as well as the Local Elections. A guide to lobbying  Plan your campaign Plan a feminist hustings Vote Feminist – what to ask when someone comes doorknocking Share on FacebookShare on Twitter

The Motherhood Penalty and The Gender Pay Gap

The Motherhood Penalty and The Gender Pay Gap Wage disparity amongst men and women is a well-documented issue that sadly shows no sign of abating. Whilst there are claims that the gender pay gap is falling (in the UK the unadjusted gap has fallen from 27.3 per cent in 2003 to 19.7 per cent ten years later … Read more

Contributing Organisations

For the first time in anticipation of an election, 11 women’s organisations have come together to create a campaign asking politicians to do something about the gap between men and women. Each of the partner organisations is a leader in their field having become experts through years of experience. Click through below to visit their … Read more