• 8pm, 6th August 2015

    We’re mentioned in the International Business Times

    The Chancellors July Budget will see women suffer disproportionately, wrote Lydia Smith of the International Business Times. £12bn worth of cuts will fall on social security, and aggravate existing inequality she writes.

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  • 2pm, 6th August 2015

    Gender is all too relevant in violence statistics

    The Women’s Resource Centre as well as A Fair Deal for Women’s brilliant partners EVAW Coalition, Rights of Women, Fawcett Society, Imkaan and Southall Black Sisters, among others wrote a letter to the Guardian on the CPS report into violence against women and girls.

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  • 1pm, 6th August 2015

    We commented on the Scottish Welfare Reform Committee Report

    The Scottish Parliament Welfare Reform Committee released a report that showed the Governments welfare reforms are having a disproportionate impact upon women – especially groups such as disabled women, refugee women, and those who have suffered domestic abuse. We commented on the report in the Independent.

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  • 4pm, 24th July 2015

    We spoke to the Guardian about women and austerity

    We told the Guardian that austerity policies disproportionately impact upon women, and could risk the UK slipping down the WEF Gender Gap Index yet again.

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  • 11am, 12th May 2015

    Press Release : What will the country look like for women in the next 5 years?

    There are now more women in parliament than ever before, but what does the future hold for us under the new Conservative government? This campaign group has broken down the issues which need to be addressed to ensure the next 5 years offer women a fair deal.

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  • 11am, 12th May 2015

    The Guardian Women in Leadership Blog

    We’ve been published! Election 2015: ‘a critical juncture at which women’s lives are pushed to the brink’. “For the millions of women living close to the poverty line, this election could represent a turning point in British politics”

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  • 3pm, 1st April 2015

    Live blogging the live debates

    On 2nd April the seven party leaders will be taking to live TV, behind their podiums, to debate what they would do should they get into No. 10. We are pretty sure that they won’t focus on the widening gap between men and women, so we’re going to do it for them!!

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  • 9am, 1st April 2015

    Welcome to our launch!

    Welcome to our shiny website! A Fair Deal for Women is the result of many months of hard work by 11 women’s organisations, along with crucial funding from the Barrow Cadbury Trust.

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